Az Zour South EPP2008, Kuwait :

  • Successful completion of erection and welding of IPB Bus Ducts for 5X180MW GT units.

Az Zour South C.C.G.T. Project, Kuwait :

  • Successful completion of assembly, Welding and Installation of Diverter Dampers with Blanking Plate for 8X125MW GTs.
  • Successful completion of Fabrication, Erection, Welding, Supporting and Testing of SS & CS pipes for Utility and cooling water systems, SS integral piping for 2X250 MW Steam turbines.

Petroleum Coke Calcination Project, Kuwait :

  • Successful completion of assembly, Erection, Welding, Testing and Commissioning of Mechanical Equipments such as: Stacking & reclaiming system with Rails. Gas Conditioning Tower and Gas Suspension Absorber System.
  • Successful completion of Design, Supply and Erection of Incinerator Roof Shed (120mtrs. (L)X 17.5 mtrs. (H) X 22 mtrs.(W).

Shuwaikh RO Water Desalination Project with Recarbonation System, Kuwait :

  • Successful installation and alignment of more than 5000 MT of mechanical equipments for various systems and SS piping for Recarbonation system.

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