PROJECT / WORK DESCRIPTION (Projects from 2015-2016)
Sabiya C.C.G.T. Project, Kuwait:
Routine / Preventive Maintenance of Mechanical equipments for 2000MW Sabiya CCGTP 2015. Industrial Cleaning of Plant Equipments and Area Upkeep for 2000MW Sabiya CCGTP 2015. Assistance during CI & MI Inspections of GTs & STs 2015. Rehabilitation of STG # 20 Electro-Mechanical works.
MEW - Ministry of Electricity & Water, Kuwait
M/s GE, Kuwait
Sabiya C.C.G.T. Project, Kuwait:
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Lighting and Small Power Socket System and Low Voltage Systems (Telephone, Clock and Intercom cum Public Address) for 30 MIGPD R. O. Water Desalination Project with Recarbonation System.
MEW - Ministry of Electricity & Water, Kuwait
M/s Al Ghanim Intl., Kuwait
Az Zour South RO Desalination Plant, Kuwait:
Task Force Assistance to OTV Commissioning Team, Associated Rectification Works and Mechanical Preventive maintenance. Cleaning, Pickling and Passivation of Stainless Steel Pipe Joints in CO2 and other pump Skids in RO Plant.
MEW - Ministry of Electricity & Water, Kuwait

M/s OTV International, Kuwait

Sulaibiya West Water Treatment Plant, Kuwait:
Supply and install antiscalant storage and transfer system.
MPW- Ministry of Public Works, Kuwait

M/s GE - Italba Services S.R.L., Kuwait


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